87 – Slovenia

The T-shirts say sLOVEnia and it would be hard not to feel some strong emotion in such a beautiful, magical landscape. From wide flat valleys you are surrounded by  layers of Tolkeinesque, tree covered peaks, with snow capped Alps towering in the background. Seeking quiet roads took us away from the terrible traffic on those that run through low passes and into the hills.Our thermometer had been peaking at 108’F each day for over a week and this continued to Ljubljana. Heat, a strong, warm southerly headwind and some mad gradients meant that we took our time soaking up the scenery and were rewarded at the top of every climb, with stunning views to take away what little breath we had.

At night we stood outside the tent offering ourselves up to droves of voracious mosquitoes to watch storms across distant hilltops, lightning too bright to look at lit the entire sky as thunder rumbled on and on around us. In Ljubljana we got to experience the rain that comes with these night time storms and then got a good soaking from a day time one for good measure. Ljubljana, like the rest of Slovenia, is straight off a picture postcard, yet feels very understated.

Apart from a little heavy industry at Celle and the offices and shops of the capital, Slovenia offered no clues as to what its economy is built on, but everything about it is certainly well heeled and as usual sterling did not equip us for the high life.

Ater Ljubljiana we dodged some heavy storms but managed to find fairly quiet routes south, again some amazing inclines until a few miles south of Postajna (famous for incredible caves, which we did not visit). On this road we came across some other two wheeled travellers, as we were climbing a long hill out of Logatec, which we had thought would be a busy road. We became aware that the only traffic to have passed us in either direction for some time were speeding police motorcyclists, with bells and whistles screaming. After a dozen of so had come towards us, there were other speeding vehicles, ibncluding some sporting logos from with TV and radio companies. We pulled into a layby and waited….

Eventually a lone cyclist came haring down the hill, flanked by speeding vehicles, then the silence of the empty road again. Minutes later the peloton shot past, moving as one and followed by countless cars with bikes on top, motorcyclistts and bringing up the rear a lone ambulance.We jumped on the tandem and managed to get a little way up the hill before the traffic started filling the road again.

The descent that took us all the way to the border was gentle and very long. Mile after mile under skies that appeared to be getting lighter as we approached Croatia and the coastline and sunshine we craved. This was the first border control we’d passed through still in operation,so we got in line with the cars and camper vans and got our passports scanned Then off to the seaside!


3 responses to “87 – Slovenia

  • John and Cathy

    Just letting you know that we love reading your blog.
    Now that we are back at work 😦 your blog helps to prevent our Slovenian holiday from just being a distant memory.
    I think you capture the mood of the place really well!

    Thanks guys!

    • b1ke

      Thanks for the feedback. Hope your journey back home was ok and that work isn’t too much of a drag. We’re in Croatia at the moment, but heading back out today and towards Italy.
      Take care and keep in touch.
      Chris n Janyis

  • coo

    sounding good, slovenia sounds like a winner! really missing you chaps, sunny brighton not quite the same without you. we had an ice cream at the pump room on saturday and a wander round the paddle round the pier stalls, loads of people out and about. kitty in good form, very quick on her feet now and endless babbling with the odd word in amongst it all tho mostly unintelligible. we are off camping in dorset this weekend so hoping that the longest period of unbroken sun since about 1920 holds out a bit longer…. house move inching forwards tho not exchanged yet so holding our breaths. loads of love xxxxxx

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