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Camp cooking is never that easy. Compound the complexity by being vegetarian or vegan and what’s on your sandwich, or in your bowl at the end of the day can get decidedly samey. We thought we’d share some of our recipes with you, incase you want to try them at home.

Recipe 1 – Erdnuss Flip (peanut flavoured puff) and Camembert Sandwich

Step 1 – go to a country that doesn’t cater for vegetarians.

Step 2 – Hunt high and low and buy the only things you can find without meat in them.

Step 3 – Hide the ingredients between two slices of fresh bread where you can’t see them and serve immediately.

Recipe 2 – Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich

Step 1 – Follow steps 1 and 2 above.

Step 2 – Make sure the only sharp knife you’ve got is at the bottom of your pannier where you can’t reach it. Cut the banana with the plastic knife you got from the pound shop.

Step 3 – you can’t hide that amount of banana, so don’t bother trying. Serve on one slice of bread.

Recipe 3 – Packet of Crisps

Step 1 – Go to mainland Europe and wait until it’s Sunday, making sure you’ve eaten all your existing food by the evening before.

Step 2 – Hunt high and low for somewhere that’s open and buy the only thing they’ve got that’s not got meat in it.

Step 3 – Open the bag and serve immediately, because you’re starving.

Recipe 4 – Pasta with mixed vegetables

Step 1 – Go cycle touring with someone who can cook.

Step 2 – Let the person from step 1 select the ingredients and do the cooking.

Step 3 – Eat the food and compliment the chef (this is crucial to achieve a positive outcome in step 4).

Step 4 – Ask for more food.

Step 5 – Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all the food is gone.

Recipe 5 – Tamiya (falafel in bread with mixed salad and peanut sauce)

Step 1 – Go to Berlin and find out where the hippies hang out (for this recipe we went to Friedrichshain).

Step 2 – Find an excellent Sudanese takeaway (we chose ‘Nil’ on Gruenberger Strasse, but any will do).

Step 3 – Pay 2 Euros for an excellent, filling and very tasty Tamiya.

Step 4 – Eat with gusto.

Step 5 – Go back every single day of your holiday at least once per day. (Optional extra is to alternate the Tamiya with the fantastic Tofu Madagasgar).

Recipe 6 – Czech Mate

Step 1 – Go to a country where they don’t sell Peanut Butter (or whatever your favourite sandwich spread is).

Step 2 – Make sure you don’t understand the language of the country you’re in, so that you can’t decipher the ingredient list. In our case it was the Czech Republic (hence the recipe’s name), but any country will do.

Step 3 – Buy some mustard and Erdnuss Flips because they’re the only things you recognise.

Step 4 – Put them together on a bread roll in an artistic fashion, (see pic above).

Step 5 – Sigh with resignation before consuming, before being surprised that it actually tastes pretty good.

Recipe 7 – Strawberrys in Peppermint Chocolate Sauce

Step 1 – Go to Europe in the height of summer and buy a peppermint Ritter Sport in the morning. Put it into your bar bag.

Step 2 – Forget that it’s there until the blazing sun takes the temperature over 30 degrees C.

Step 3 – Buy some strawberries from a street vendor (early June is the best time to do this).

Step 4 – Suddenly remember your Ritter Sport and open it to find that it’s a perfectly formed gooey melted mess.

Step 5 – Dip your fresh strawberries in the gooey melted mess and eat with gusto. Yum yum…

(more mouth watering recipes to follow from The Cordon Bleurrgh Team)


8 responses to “Recipes

  • Peter Jordan

    Love the recipes, keep ’em coming.
    Peter ( we met in Catford when you were lost )

    • b1ke

      Hi Peter

      Good to hear from you and pleased you like our recipes. Feel free to try them out at home if you’re throwing a dinner party – I’m sure you’ll be as disappointed as we were with the results! Cheers, Chris

  • andy littell

    I fancied an Erdnuss Flip sarnie today – but couldnt find any Erdnuss Flips… had a bacon /coleslaw bagel instead.

    • b1ke

      Not the same Andy. Haven’t eaten bacon for a long long time, but seem to remember it had flavour, whereas an Erdnuss Flip sandwich hasn’t. That said, we’ve recently come up with a mouth ulcerating alternative to Erdnuss Flip and camembert, which we’ll be sharing with the world very soon…


    • b1ke

      You’ll have to come round to dinner when I get back, I’m sure I could rustle something almost as basic up x

  • Remo

    Hallo Ihr Zwei
    Endlich eine Webseite über gesunde Ernährung für Fahrradfahrer. Werde das eine oder andere Rezept ausprobieren.
    Wünsche Euch für den Rest eurer Reise schönes Wetter, keine Pannen und gute Strassen.
    Gute Reise
    PS: Die Wäscheleine ist sehr nützlich.

  • b1ke

    Hey Remo

    Good to hear from you – I’ve been wondering how you’re getting with that single speed bike of yours. I personally wouldn’t recommend any of our recipes, apart from the strawberrys in peppermint chocolate sauce – that was excellent. Anyway, how’s your tour going? You can email me at Would be great to hear from you.

    All the best

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