98 – Leaving England behind

Well, we leave England in the midst of a General Election battle and, sad as we are to do this, needs must. We’d love to wish Gordon well and we’d love to say  ‘good luck’ to David, but to be honest, we’d only be lying if we did. Our proxy votes belong to the Green Party and we’ll be cheering from our tent in the middle of wherever if Caroline Lucas gets elected.

So, tomorrow we head to France and the pretty little town of Dieppe, before moving slowly – very slowly – east along the Avenue Vert and then onto the proper roads, ie the ones you can get knocked down on, heading towards Strasbourg before arriving in Germany and going on to Freiburg, the ‘Solar City’. We want to spend a couple of days in Freiburg, because it’s warm, it’s pretty, and like Brighton it has a strong Green Party presence which has made for some interesting developments.

All of this, however, belongs to the future. For now it’s bon nuit and au revoir from us both and we’ll write again soon.


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