94 – Eastern Germany

Well we crossed the border a couple of days ago into what was once East Germany. Sachsen Anhalt (the county) is a flat region full of forests, wind farms and small rural villages with large cheap property for sale. The countryside is really quite beautiful. Since the wall came down, unemployment has risen in this region and a lot of people, particularly the younger generation, have left in search of work and a bit of action. Consequently, the villages of Saxon Anhalt are very quiet. The people, where we’ve met them, have been very friendly, possibly because they’re bored and any conversation is better than none, or possibly because we’re just very nice people who others love to like. I prefer to think it’s the latter.

Anyway, our first night in Sachsen Anhalt was spent at Sieben Linden (Seven Limes), an eco-village near the village of Popau. And what an inspirational place. No fluffy lettuce leaf knitters here, just industrious action, rational thinking and amazing progress on straw bale house building, forest renaturalisation and sustainable living. Fantastic place and totally inspirational. You can read more about our Sieben Linden experience at https://farewellburt.wordpress.com/stokers-corner/95a-sieben-linden-eco-village-germany/

The weather has turned against us a little recently and today we spent six hours in pouring rain getting nowhere fast. The spoke gremlins were out again and we ended the day with no less than six popped and a badly buckled rear wheel. The receptionist at the campsite where we’ve eventually landed has taken pity on us and given us the laundry room to dry our stuff and sleep in, plus the kitchen to cook in. Very lovely woman undoubtedly sent from heaven to counter the devilish weather.

Tomorrow we carry on pedalling towards Berlin and may well reach the outer limits of the city. Once in Berlin, we’ll spend just short of a week as tourists in what has to be one of the most fascinating cities in Europe.

So, lots to look forward to. We hope you stick with us on this little journey, I’m sure we’ll get more interesting with time.

Cheers, Chris


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