Who’s Burt?

Burt is the small, rotund, charismatic chap who we left behind in England to guard the city of Brighton and Hove whilst we were away. In a vulnerable position and open to invasion from all quarters, all parties involved (us, Burt and Brighton and Hove) felt it was better if Burt stayed there to ensure the city’s safety.

Burt hard at work guarding the feet of people on the beach in Brighton

So, now you know who Burt is. Whilst we’re out here living it up on the high roads of Europe, Burt will be diligantly barking his little brains out at anyone who dares to cross his line of vision.

Just to illustrate the kind of work that Burt does, we’ve installed a webcam (see above) back at the house. This clever piece of kit transmits live footage over the web in real time, so you can see just how seriously Burt takes his job as defender of Brighton and Hove.


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