96 – Holland and Germany

The mosquitos are hungry here in Germany and me and Janyis are on the menu. Luckily for me Janyis probably tastes better, although she’s just coated herself in lemons so I’m getting more appetising by the minute.

Holland was a delight to cycle through. Flat, friendly and fantastic cycle lanes. Everybody says ‘hoi’, a bit like in the north of England, but the meaning’s slightly different. Car drivers give way to cyclists everywhere, which I couldn’t quite get used to. We pedalled along the River Maas before riding through a forest into Germany.

I’ve just seen somebody in Germany vacuuming the pavement outside their house. Is this boredom or cleanliness, mental instablility or pride in your neighbourhood? I’ll leave you to decide .

Germany is another cycle friendly country. The lanes aren’t as quaint as Holland’s but they get you where you want to get. We’ve been hit with back wheel problems, about 14 broken spokes so far. My efforts at sorting the problem are probably making it worse, but each morning I replace a few more, tension the wheel, ignore the increasing dishing issues and look at my work with pride. And each evening I look at the same wheel with despair. Today’s tally is 4 more bust spokes and I’ve only checked half the wheel – I couldn’t face going the whole way round. Instead I’ve eaten a lovely meal and sat down to bore you with my little internet entry.

The weather has been incredible – our thermometer is set to fahrenheit, so I don’t know what it’s been in real maths, but it reached 91 the other day. Most days have been in the 80s. Tonight it all changes. Thunder storms and then a bout of colder weather and rain.

Well, I hope all’s well with you and I’ll catch up again soon.



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