95 – Further into Germany

Tomorrow it looks like we’ll be heading into what was once East Germany, before David Hasselhof heralded the collapse of the Berlin Wall with some awful song about freedom. That was 1989 and we’ll see how much has changed. Hasselhof is less popular now that he was back then, so some things at least have improved.

The ride across the western side of Germany has been pleasant, safe and pretty much flat. I finally gave in to rational thinking in Luedinghausen and took the rear wheel to a bike shop to be fixed. 30 euros and seven new spokes later, we were off. One day later and three more spokes had popped. The mechanic’s lack of ability somehow gave me confidence that I could get it right, so I did the work myself and so far, so good.

Last night was a special night. We camped at the side of the River Weser on a free camping spot where a load of campers had gathered from nearby Minden for what is their regular weekend party night. Fires lit, beers on the go, the music started. And it was a 70s night. All the ‘classics’ blasted out at a totally unreasonable volume until the early hours. Brotherhood of Man, Leo Sayer, Boney M and even a bit of Sweet.

A sign in the village we’re camped in today told us that Berlin is 298km away. That’s three easy days of riding, though we’re probably going to an eco-village first, so it will be more. Still, very exciting. Good job Janyis is here with me, otherwise I’d probably get to Berlin and stay put.

Anyway, I’ve rambled enough and you’ve no doubt got better things to do with your time, so I’ll sign off.

Cheers, Chris


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