99 – The Farewell Burt Tour Farewell Drinks in Brighton

The World Famous Pump Room on Brighton Beach – Gianni at the front indicating that he’s going to donate 1 (hundred pounds) to our tour. Thanks Gianni

So, we had our farewell gathering at the best cafe in the world on Saturday 17th April 2010. The sun shone and the crowds gathered to see us off. Some came to wish us well, some came to make sure we left, but either way they all drank our wine and ate the cake that Mick and Tina kindly brought along.

It was genuinely pleasant to be with mates and waste yet another afternoon in the sun on Brighton Beach talking absolute rubbish. There’s nothing quite like it and me and Janyis will both miss these lovely people as we labour our way round Europe on this thing we laughingly call a holiday.

The World Famous Pump Room – probably the best Cafe in the Universe

If you happen to be in Brighton this summer, we’d recommend visiting the Pump Room, because we’re on commission. No, we’re not really, we just like the place and think that you would too. In a world dominated by corporates and phonies, the World Famous Pump Room stands out as a genuine community cafe with a genuine community thrown in for free.

We’ll miss you all, but most of all we’ll miss the cheese toasties.  Have a lovely summer folks xx

If you’ve got time on your hands and don’t care what you do with it, you can see more pictures at our Farewell Burt Tour page on Facebook.


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