84 – Italy

A shack in the Ligurian hills

Italy shouldn’t have been up to much. We came in from Slovenia in the north east where the landscape is flat and boring, the land is farmed to the point of virtual exclusion of wildlife and the Italian drivers have a terrible reputation. But, somehow we managed to love it

The thing with Italy is the life. Small villages, large towns and everything inbetween is buzzing with it. The people never stop talking, the sound of ‘ciao ciao’ fills the air as much as the cicadas and mopeds. The tandem got noticed and discussed, ‘mama mia – cinque mille kilometre!’ We were given discounts in shops, and given food and water time and again.  We camped for free in a truck stop, on farms and in parks. The terrible drivers stayed at home and the only ones we saw went out of their way to give us room. In short, Italy was excellent.

Packing up the tent after pitching in a guy’s garden who told me the angels were watching over us…

And they’ve got cycle lanes. I never expected that. On the coast inparticular, they’re quite impressive. We rode the coastline between Genoa and Ventimiglia with far less hassle than in Croatia and enjoyed the scenery, despite the over development, private beaches and high prices.

The tunnel is part of the coastal cycle route west of Genoa

Janyis explaining our route to some locals on the beach

The final day in Italy was spent at Torri Superiore north of Ventimiglia in the Ligurian hills. Torri Superiore is an eco village that comes across more like a hotel and provides the best food in the world, or that was how it felt when I was sitting there feeding my face. We swam in a beautiful mountain pool and dried off on hot rocks in the sun.

Thanks for dropping by.

Chris x


One response to “84 – Italy

  • Ali

    The mountain pool looks like something out of fantasy land the eco village sounds interesting! Especially the food bit. Yum xx

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