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Hungary – Pilot’s Pages

We rolled into Hungary on a cloudy morning, picked up a free map of the whole country ;from Tourist Information and set off down Eurovelo route 6 towards Budapest. It all started off in textbook fashion – safe route away from traffic, smooth and pleasant. Bit by bit, however, it descended into the gutter on busy roads shared with trucks, cars and buses. More>>



A a new day, a new country; it starts to feel a bit like that. Our last night in Austria on what can only be described as a joke campsite in Petronel left me feeling happy to heading east. I’m not a snob and I’m happy to get what I pay for, but 15 euros for filthy sinks, toilet basin that’s bust and no security to speak of is taking the piss. Problem is, this is the only campsite between Vienna and Bratislava on the Danube, so you’re a bit of a captive audience. More>>


I’m writing this in the tent in the rain on a campsite on the German side of the Czech border. Another wasted morning, prey to the seemingly incessent rain and grey skies over Germany. And when it rains in the morning, it seems to rain at lunchtime and then all afternoon. A depressing story of a spring that ended in April and a summer that hasn’t arrived. More>>

Visiting Berlin

The road to Berlin is not paved with gold but the air is alive with the song of our faithful friends on this trip – the nightingales Territories must overlap as we were never without their rich complient of calls. The visuals along our route were also far from boring – woodland, plantations, spargel sellers and colourful grafitti – at one point covering over a kilometre of wall. More>>

Riding in Eastern Germany

Crossing the former border between east and west feels significant on this trip and there is a marked difference as you move further east. The main feeling is one of space – a huge agricultural landscape is laced into the ever present forest and a distinct adsence of people. M0re>>


We arrived in Berlin a couple of days ago and we’ve drunk coffee in Tacheles, pedalled through the Brandenburger Tor and dodged the traffic around Alexander Platz. We’ll be writing more about Berlin later on, but thought we’d upload a couple of images to give a flavour of the place… More pics>>

A ride in Germany (Janyis)

We entered Germany through the back of the wardrobe, well through a woodland path really, but just as magical and no border signs. Yet another hot, sunny day and a mixture of sensible cycle paths and quiet roads with respectful and considerate drivers, without exception. More>>