82 – Central/Northern France and Brighton

It was inevitable really that this last bit of the journey would be a bit of chore. Leaving the Canal du Midi took us up through Bordeaux, along the edge of the Dordogne towards the Loire and then north to Dieppe. The landscape varies between the rolling hills of Bordeaux and the Dordogne and the flat agricultural terrain of central France. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this part of France, plus the sun shone and the roads were quiet, but I  was getting homesick. More>>


2 responses to “82 – Central/Northern France and Brighton

  • roland twynam

    Dear Chris,
    I think I met you at Anet. Am I right?
    I loaned you our cooker : yours not on form.
    Great trip- almost forgot to check it out.

    Roland and Pauline

  • b1ke

    Hi Roland

    Thanks for checking out the site and yes, I remember the loan of the cooker – bit of a life-saver as I recall. Hope the rest of your trip went well. We’re now back in Brighton enjoying the last of the summer and back at work. The trip is still fresh in my mind though and I’m sure it won’t be the last one we do.

    Take care

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