Campsite Neighbour of the Month (June)

This is a very special award that we’ve dreamed up during our long hours in the saddle thinking of nothing inparticular. It’s an award that was inspired by an act of generosity this morning at the campsite in Budapest. Norma, our neighbour from Cheshire, who’s touring Europe with her hubby Tony, brought us a pot of Yorkshire Tea directly to the door of the tent. We were impressed and moved enough to photograph it just before we drank it. It also undoubtedly wins the ‘Cup Of Tea Of The Month’ Award’. Thanks a lot Norma and it was a pleasure to meet you both and all the best for the rest of your tour. Chris and Janyis

2 responses to “Campsite Neighbour of the Month (June)

  • norma and tony

    Just spent an enjoyable time reading your interesting blog.Laughed when i saw my neighbour of the month award, was honoured.
    After we e/m our daughter Sarah in Leeds, she sent word to our friends, and family, so many more then followed you both on your travells.
    Loved the bus stops, i am going to photo any of interest, on our next trip, hopefully soon.
    Wishing you both many more interesting and happy travelling, on your (daisy }! please keep us informed of your next venture. Best wishes Normski.Tony to follow.

    • b1ke

      Hi Norma
      Really nice surprise to hear from you and flatttered that your daughter’s friends have been following the blog.

      Hope your tour has gone well – we loved the majority of what we did. It was strange but nice to get back to Brighton.

      I seem to remember that you were planning to go back out on tour again. I hope it goes well and that the sun keeps shining for you both.

      Take care

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