Bus Stop of the month (June)

Every cycle tourist has their favourite stop off points and for us it’s quite often the humble bus-stop. So, we thought it was time to give this international symbol of hanging around the recognition it probably doesn’t deserve by handing out a Bus Stop of the month award. When I say award, what I mean is we’ll stick a picture of it up here on the blog. It’s the thought, as they say, that counts.

Anyway, June’s recipient of this prestigious award is, unsurprisingly, Austrian.  This particularly fine example struck us because, 1. it didn’t stink of piss and 2. It’s the first one we’ve seen with window boxes.

We’d like to open this competition to the wider world and, on the off-chance that the wider world gives a toss, you can submit your entry for ‘Bus Stop of the Month’ to us via the comments  section of this post. Upload the image onto Flickr, Facebook, Picassa, or wherever, send us the link, and we’ll choose the best one, assuming there are any, for next month’s competition.

2 responses to “Bus Stop of the month (June)

  • Martin & Monica

    We got an English Bus Stop, it isn’t comfortable, but an amazing grass field in front of… ;-). And a good shelter too.

  • b1ke

    Hi you two,

    How are you going? I was on your site yesterday and good to read that you had a decent time in England and got across to Ireland safely. We left Budapest today after spending two nights there. We’re heading down towards Slovenia and then Croatia. The weather has finally turned after weeks of rain and now it’s incredibly hot.

    Thanks for sending the pics – we’ll definitely use them and, who knows, you may even get the award for Bus Stop of the Month for July! Incidentally, we’re thinking of having a ‘Bench of the Month’ as well, so your second picture will qualify for that title.

    Anyway, all the best to you both and we hope your tour continues safely and happily.

    Chris and Janyis

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